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KSL editorial - Scrap Immigration Bill

February 5, 2009, 10:28 am
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February 4th, 2009 @ 5:30am

Illegal immigration simply isn't the pressing issue it was a year ago when Utah legislators passed a broad anti-immigration measure in the form of Senate Bill 81. In KSL's view, it is emotionally-driven legislation that was excessive when initially approved and is even more unnecessary today.

Thankfully, the measure didn't go into effect last summer. To their credit, lawmakers wisely delayed its implementation to allow further interim study of the issue. Unfortunately, however, it is still on the table with considerable sentiment to have it go into effect next July 1st.

KSL encourages lawmakers to scrap this largely punitive approach that is loaded with negative consequences including unforeseen costs to local governments and businesses. Besides, in view of this year's budget crunch, the $1.7 million cost of implementing SB81 would be saved.

The fact that the recession has dramatically altered the immediacy of immigration reform allows for more reasoned approaches to getting it right. KSL is especially interested in a creative Salt Lake Chamber of Commerce proposal to develop a Utah-based, employer-sponsored guest worker program. Supporters say it would "allow Utah to aggressively enforce immigration law while fueling the economy" with a labor force that is legal.

That piques our interest a lot more than SB81 ever did.



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