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Senator Robles urges collaboration on anti-gang activity

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by Senator Luz Robles
Senate Minority Caucus Manager

I was very pleased with the positive response yesterday from the Judiciary, Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice Interim Committee members with regards to my presentation on my proposed resolution for the State Legislature to act on an interagency coordination of Gang Activity.  Last year I introduced SJR 21, and due to the lack of time, there was no vote in the House of Representatives.  At today’s interim committee meeting, I asked for the Gang Task Force headed by CCJJ and Salt Lake District Attorney Lohra Miller as well as the co-chair of the Gang Reduction Project from Salt Lake City (Leticia Medina) to present on the efforts taking place at their respective groups.  It was refreshing to hear how when we all come together, we can be more proactive in finding aggressive solutions to serious problems. 

My resolution will urge state and local governments to work in collaboration with the federal government in combating and reducing gang activity, focusing on prevention, intervention and suppression.  Working together with law enforcement, community and religious-based organizations as well with the community in general will make this endeavor possible.

This is not an issue that only impacts a specific geographic area of our state, even though it’s true that some areas are seeing more violent crimes due to gang-related activity.  This type of violent and disruptive activity is being seen all over the state.

It is time the State Legislature takes a proactive approach and commits to work with all the other stakeholders in finding real and comprehensive solutions.  I was pleased to see a true bipartisan support for this idea and hope to get a recommendation for this resolution in the next interim committee meeting.

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